Mars, Rio Sierra’s owner, personally handles bookings and guest relations. Got a question now, or while you’re a guest, she’s just a text away. You might even see Mars for a friendly hello. She’s onsite many afternoons feeding Clue, the hotel cat, or tending her favorite flowers.Mars’ background spans years in journalism and television production. She broke one of the nation’s first major death-row innocence cases, which exonerated a wrongly convicted man. She later helped launch Fox TV’s America’s Most Wanted as the true crime show’s first news director, and followed that with Strange Universe, her own television series about paranormal phenomena.With a name like Margaret, nicknames were bound to follow. But strangely, while on Strange Universe, Mars stuck. By then, it was time to escape from LA. She headed to Three Rivers, California, the land of big trees, big water, and big starry night skies.That’s how Mars the traveler came to create real life outdoor vacation fantasies by discovering a hidden gem of a place, one she never wants to leave. “They’re not making any more rivers,” she says with a smile.

"The river is so gorgeous, like something out of a Pinterest dream board. My kids had the time of their lives in the river. A dream come true for them!I stay all over the country in 5-star hotels and there was something so refreshing about this place. I hope it stays busy for them, but I hope it stays a secret all at the same time."
Heather | USA
Rio Sierra River Resort guest | June 2022