Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting guide pilots a family of five excited adults and kids clutching paddles through churning rapids in a bright blue raft

Best River Rafting in Years

The snowiest winter in recent history has created a phenomenal whitewater rafting thrill ride. Winter’s enormous rainfall and snowmelt are cascading down the Kaweah River flowing past Rio Sierra’s Riverhouse. With the southern gate to Sequoia National Park briefly closed for storm repairs, rafting is center stage, a silver lining in 2023’s climate drama!

“This season is shaping up as epic with boatable flows into August,” says Amicaya Frediani, our friend and owner of Mountain Descents, a premier whitewater rafting operation here in Three Rivers. “Come boat the gnar,” urges Amicaya in raft-speak. “This is a rad town with a rad river.”

A bright blue river raft appears to be flipping over, sending four riders wearing helmets into churning whitewater rapids

Kaweah's World Class Whitewater

The Kaweah is one of America’s steepest rafting rivers, dropping a spine-tingling 70 feet per mile before twisting through its lower stretch. Granite boulders, deep holes and spinning eddies give the river its thrill ride reputation.

The rapids’ names say it all: Osterizer, Powerhouse, Cyanotic, Suicide Falls and “Slickies” where boaters slip between humongous glacial rocks. Together, they’re a menu for adrenaline-laced Class III to Class IV+ rides on a scale of 1 to 5.

The Kaweah propels rafters with the power of 2,000 cubic feet of water every second, ideal and below the 3,000 cubic foot torrents recommended only for professional boaters.

Family Fun for Kids to Adults

Mountain Descents’ whitewater rafting tours accommodate most every level of rafting adventurer. There are family fun runs for kids as young as seven. First-time thrill seekers can blast through mid-level rapids, while advanced river runners can take on even bigger, challenges. Full river trips offer 10-mile adventures including a riverbank picnic.

“Rafting gives you a unique chance to view the lush Kaweah River corridor from a new perspective with stunning views of snow-capped Alta Peak at 11,208 feet,” says Amicaya. “This gem of a river is well worth a visit.” Tours range from $50 to $140 per person for a wild ride of a lifetime.

Come boat the gnar and stay with us at Rio Sierra River Resort with views of the rapids from every room, your perfect whitewater rafting homebase.

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Current Kaweah flow data at Three Rivers

Whitewater rafting guide demonstrated paddle handling as four adults in life preservers and helping prepare to take on a churning river
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