Moro rock in winter

Hume Lake

Lake Kaweah in winter

Sky above the sierras

How’s the weather? Changeable!

Before you plan your trip, it’s important to know the weather in Three Rivers and Sequoia National Park, CA. You have to be prepared for anything and dress accordingly. The wide swings of temperature from high to low between day and night can be extreme. With these unpredictable climate patterns, it’s usually a good idea to check the Sequoia National Park weather regularly.

Three Rivers Climate

Three Rivers is a foothill town, 1,100 feet above sea level. During the summer, temperatures rise to sizzling hot degrees, often slipping into triple-digit streaks. On days like this, you’ll either want to stay indoors where there’s A.C. or take a dip in our river after a long hike.

In autumn, the trees turn to gold as their leaves die and fall to the ground. While it does not rain very much during the summer, Three Rivers often sees rainfall during the colder months of the year. Indeed, the winter months are usually wet but not extremely cold. The most common winter temperature ranges are lows of 30 degree and highs of 50. It rarely snows, and when it does, it melts by noon.

Spring brings blooming flowers and lively trees to the town, the hills filling with color once again. Our Kaweah River begins to swell and rise in March, as snow starts melting at higher altitudes. This is when whitewater rafting usually picks up and continues through summer.

Sequoia National Park Weather

The weather of Sequoia National Park is much cooler and more consistent than Three Rivers. The climb of roughly 4,000 feet to reach the giant forest brings a drop in temperature; with Kings Canyon weather dropping even lower the higher you go. We always advise our guests who are planning a trip to Sequoia National Park to dress for temperatures that are 20 degrees cooler than the current weather.

The Park also experiences heavy snowfall during winter, with up to 15 feet of snow piled up from November through March. Visitors during this time will have the opportunity to experience a beautiful winter wonderland among the giant redwoods of Sequoia. On the other hand, the snow can present a challenge to drivers who require chains on their tires, and warmer clothing for hikers.

Contact us to discuss typical local weather patterns in our area so you can start planning your trip. We are conveniently located in Three Rivers, California.