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Sierra Subs Dane and Allison

The Way to a Town’s Heart

Our friends Allison and Dane Millner own and operate the town’s all-star sandwich shop, Sierra Subs and Salads. This yummy spot has been voted to Yelp’s Top 100 Eateries. In a less well known honor (and the origin of this is a little bit of a mystery) Subs appears as one of a very few must-visit spots on a U.S. map from a Japanese tour company. So from time to time visitors from Japan show up in our town just to taste a Sierra Subs daily special. And we’re sure they’re not disappointed.

Menu favorites are the fresh and original salads, subs and soups, deliciously sauced (and adorably named), plus the daily specials. (And the chatter and laughter and wit shared with customers standing in line.) The shop is just a couple of minutes away from Rio, which is handy, because Mars often eats lunch at Sierra Subs several times a week.


Allison and Dane have been off this past month on their annual cruise of scenic and delicious destinations. This year, New Zealand. We sure have missed them, and we sure are hungry.

A Facebook post today from Allison let every one know they are debuting a new outside eating space with picnic tables by the river. Looks wonderful. We’ll post a photo as soon as we get one.

Welcome home!

Sierra Subs Sandwich
Sierra Subs and Salads
Open most days 10:30 – 6
Closed Mondays
41717 Sierra Dr, Three Rivers, CA 93271
(559) 561-4810